I’ve been pondering writing a post about motherhood and how my body no longer belongs to me. (Because MY BODY …

Yoga teachers often use the word grounded. But what does that really mean? It’s a verb (to ground through the feet) and an adjective (a grounded feeling)…

Feeling grounded is important not just physically, but psychologically. When we find a connection to the earth, we connect to something much, much larger than ourselves. We remember that we’re not isolated egos, floating in space; we’re glued to a huge planet that feeds us and shelters us. Our problems seem smaller; we’re part of an ecosystem, and an expansive timeline. So, rest into gravity, and feel it pulling you down not just to the floor, but the Earth.

– Erica Heinz, Staying Grounded: Not Just Another Yoga Cliche


Notes on Trauma Sensitive Yoga

The following is an excerpt from notes taken during the teaching methodology portion of the Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training at …

Friday, I’m in Love

Friday, I’m in Love

Fun playlist from Friday’s Flow $8 class at Kula Annex. Artists include Atmosphere, Mos Def, She & Him, Yeah Yeah …


What dark side?!

I’ve been watching episodes of Charmed on Netflix lately. Did that make you laugh? There’s something about television from the …


There are no bad habits

When I think of the New Year in a classic sense, drunken debauchery, shiny apparel, unrealistic resolutions, guilt, and hangovers …

Snow & Solitude

Snow & Solitude

I wanted to share with you my most recent playlist from last night’s 8:30pm Reiki Restorative class at Kula Annex. …

You’ve got the love

You’ve got the love

Here is my playlist from our silently-led music class at Moksha Yoga Bloor West‘s 4th year anniversary party. Please listen, …


Wake Up. Together.

Sitting on a meditation cushion and garbage bag, I can feel the damp ground underneath my shins. The incline of …


I care about you.

Greed and generosity have been the topics in the forefront of my mind over the past few days as my …


Sit Down & Shush

Take a moment to pause. Close your eyes (wait not yet). Recall your day thus far. Not so much what …


Karma as taught by Earl Hickey

Recently, I’ve been spending my “too tired to do anything else” leisure time watching a tv show called “My Name …

One tends to think of space in terms of physical extension and location… Outer space is that virtually infinite expanse speckled with galaxies and stars separated by inconceivable distances. “Inner space” suggests a formless expanse of mind in which thoughts, mental images, memories and fantasies rise and pass away. Space seems to be the relatively permanent place where temporal events happen. Buddhist philosophers see space differently. They define it as the “absence of resistance.” The space in a room is understood as the absence of anything that at would prevent
one moving around in it… Rather than being the place where things happen, space is the absence of what prevents things from happening… In encountering no such resistance, we are able to move about freely.

…Space is thus a metaphor of freedom.

Stephen Batchelor “Living with the Devil”


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